Criminal Law

Facing Criminal Charges Is Intimidating

Retain a criminal defense attorney in Murphy, NC for your peace of mind

Whether or not the judge finds you guilty of breaking the law, criminal charges come with consequences. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney will increase your chances of walking out of the courtroom without wearing handcuffs.

Mitchell K. Brewer, PLLC has been handling all kinds of criminal cases for over 20 years. As your criminal lawyer, Mitchell K. Brewer will be by your side...

  • At every court hearing, including bond motions
  • During trial, if your charges aren't dropped
  • During renegotiations, if applicable

Don't wait till the last minute to consult a criminal defense attorney about your charges. Call 828-837-2178 now to arrange a meeting with attorney Brewer.

Who will protect your constitutional rights?

If you don't know your rights, you may unwillingly give the prosecution information that could hurt your case. That's why it's crucial to have a criminal lawyer by your side at all times.

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