Estate Administration

Making It Easier to Settle a Loved One's Affairs

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Estate administration involves distributing a deceased person's assets and paying their debts. This can be a complex process, especially if the deceased person didn't have a will or other estate planning documents.

Luckily, Mitchell K. Brewer, PLLC of Murphy, NC takes the frustration out of estate administration. Our services cover many of the time-consuming tasks that come with settling a loved one's affairs, such as...

  • Working with the county Clerk of Court
  • Creating an inventory of everything your loved one owned
  • Distributing assets and creating receipts for accounting purposes

If you need to probate a loved one's will, contact our estate planning attorney now.

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We provide estate administration services to help personal representatives in the Murphy & Hayesville, NC area probate wills, account for all assets and manage property for deceased loved ones. Whether or not your loved one was proactive with their estate planning, our attorney can help you settle their affairs in a timely manner.

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